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Cyber Security Services Toronto

Cyber threats are growing every day. How prepared is your organization? Whether you're looking for an all-in-one solution or penetration testing, we've got you covered. CAS Cyber Security, a leading cyber security services company, offers a comprehensive solution to protect you, your business, and your family.

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Ensure Sensitive information is only accessible by authorized persons.

Provide availability by guaranteeing systems are available when needed.

Safeguard data both in storage and transit to validate integrity and accuracy.


Leveraging military experts and industry leading technology, Canopy is a tailor made cyber security solution encompassing your entire cyber security platform.

Cyber security services company

By CAS Cyber Security

Multiple layers of protection mean your organization is secured on all sides with just 

Our Services

Cyber Security Services

CAS Cyber Security is your one-stop-shop for everything cyber security. We offer a broad range of services, including SecureMail, BaaS, Email Security, Network Security, Identity Management, Pen Testing, Cyber Audits, and Cyber Consulting. When choosing cyber security companies in Canada, choose CAS Cyber Security.

Managed Cyber Security

Leverage the most advanced cybersecurity technology protecting against ransomware attacks, phishing attacks, and much more. Our integrated approach to cyber security as a service ensures your entire business is shielded from cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

Put your systems to the test in a real-life attack performed by the CAS Team backed by decades of military experience. Pen testing is essential for effective cybersecurity and management of risks and cyber security solution providers can help.

Cyber Security Audits

Our comprehensive cyber audits inform where you are weak, but more importantly, how to strengthen your cybersecurity posture. We help you understand your third-party risks and protect your critical assets to identify if you would benefit from a cyber security services solution.


Most cyber attacks begin with an email, making email security the most cost-effective defense mechanism. Our innovative technology and broad cybersecurity knowledge help you maintain digital trust.

Secure Backups

Hedge against ransomware with the most secure backups commercially available. Our Canada cloud backup technologies ensure your data is safe and accessible when you need it.

Network Security

We use NGFW Firewalls to secure your network from attackers, utilizing advanced machine learning and AI. Our operational technology protects your organization from cybersecurity incidents.

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