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Network Security

Palo Alto

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156M new malicious web pages in 2021


90% of reported security incidents involve phishing

47% of attacks originate through the web

Next Generation Firewall

The PA-400 Series with PAN-OS is a ML-Powered NGFW that embeds machine learning in the core of the firewall to provide inline signatureless attack prevention for file-based attacks while identifying and immediately stopping never-before-seen phishing attempts. It leverages cloud-based ML processes to push zero-delay signatures and uses behavioral analysis to detect IoT devices and make policy recommendations as part of a cloud-delivered and natively integrated service on the NGFW. ​


Advanced URL Filtering

Complete Visability
  • ​Analysis and detections on live URL strings, not offline web crawler data​

  • The only way to detect new attacks that hide from URL databases and web crawlers​

  • Real-time analysis extended to include live web content​

  • Full payload inspection enables significantly increased detection power​

Unmatched Detection
  • ​Cloud-delivered and fully inline ML-based web security engine​

  • The only way to protect users against modern unknown and evasive web-based attacks​

  • New ML-powered detections block highly evasive phishing attacks​

  • Powerful new detectors defeat evasion techniques used in modern phishing attacks​

​The Industry’s First Real-Time Prevention of New and Evasive Web-based Attacks​​


40% more threats than traditional web filtering databases​​


New detectors defeat evasive techniques used in 90% of modern phishing kits


76% of malicious URLs discovered 24 hours before other vendors

Palo Alto URL FIltering
Web Security Process
Palo Alto Web Security
Inline Deep Learning
Data/Threat Detection

Requires deep learning analysis capabilities informed by huge volumes of threat data


Analysis must happen inline so that real-world network traffic can be analyzed as it enters the network

Processing Power

To power real-time verdicts, deep learning analysis requires massive processing power delivered through purpose-built chip-sets and cloud-scale computing

Real-time Enforcement

NGFWs must be enabled to stream specific packets and flows to the cloud for inspection while the session is ongoing and receive the verdict back in real-time, prevent patient zero

DNS Security

Databases & signatures can’t keep up​

Domain block lists can’t protect against most DNS-layer attacks used against targets today​

Natively integrated with NGFW​

Deploy across all users and locations with no change to DNS infrastructure​

Security across all DNS traffic

Secures all DNS traffic in the network, including unexpected DNS resolvers and malicious DNS servers​

No protection from emerging attacks​

Competing solutions can’t provide reliable coverage for high reputation domain attacks​

Complete ML-powered protections

Comprehensive protections for top DNS attacks and new, emerging techniques​

Security can be bypassed​

Resolver-based security is blind to traffic going to unexpected resolvers and malicious DNS servers​

Palo Alto DNS Security

Enterprise-grade Security

Home networks are often vulnerable to the most basic cyber attacks. CAS offers enterprise-grade security in your home. The team of CAS Cyber Security experts will install an enterprise grade Palo Alto firewall (along with additional wireless routing equipment if requested) and offer around the clock security monitoring and support.

Palo Alto
  • Palo Alto (enterprise-level) grade networking for home use

  • Advanced firewall and switches to prevent networking attacks

  • Proprietary IDS/IPS (Intruder Defense System/ Intruder Prevention System) to prevent and detect man-in-the-middle attacks

  • URL filtering, credential theft prevention, DNS Security, and SSL decryption

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