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Email Security

The Problem

Nearly all cyberattacks leverage email. Why? It’s an always on, trusted communications channel that can be easily compromised. Attacks are fast-moving and relentless. This modern threat landscape requires an equally modern approach.

The Relationship between Adoption & Risk 


of companies experienced a phishing attack last year


of cyber breaches can be traced back to human error


of all successful cyber attacks begin with an email 


of malicious emails are delivered after being scanned by M365

Emails are the #1 target

Cyber criminals ranging from state sponsored organizations to teenagers sitting in their basements are all capable of launching a successful email attack. Phishing software is widely available online, costs $0, and as anyone who has experienced a CAS penetration test can attest to, is very effective.

The main reason phishing attacks are so effective comes down to the difficulty in recognizing them. An estimated 97% of employees are unable to identify a sophisticated phishing email, and even cyber security experts struggle to identify well executed attacks. Taking the burden off employees, email security filters are supposedly the answer, but there is an incorrect belief that email security is a commodity and many organizations rely on the free email security that comes bundled with their email platform. 

It's no secret that email security is hard - and at the end of the day most services just aren't very good at detecting malicious emails. Microsoft, the most widely used email provider in the world, has a false negative rate of 22%. In other words Microsoft is only 78% effective in detecting malicious emails. 

For every 1 million emails delivered as safe by Microsoft E5


At CAS, we believe 78% isn't good enough. 

The Solution


CAS has partnered with Mimecast to deliver the industry leading email security solution to businesses of all sizes. Offered as a standalone software or as part of a white-glove managed service, Mimecast powered email security is the single most cost effective cyber security solution in the world.

By applying the right detection capabilities at the right time, Mimecast Email Security surrounds your communications with continuous protection. The industry’s most robust view of the email threat landscape — derived from Mimecast’s inspection of 1.3 billion emails daily — powers instantaneous blocking of the vast majority of email-based attacks, while the latest in AI and Machine Learning provides intelligent detection of both emerging and unknown threat types. From phishing and ransomware to social engineering and credential harvesting, Mimecast blocks the most dangerous attacks, delivering world-class email security in the way that best meets your needs.

Email Inspection Path

225 Billion​
22 Billion
Mimecast Cloud Email
Emails sent everyday
Office 365 Cloud Service used 
Email mailboxes in 2017

The Email Security "stack"

Social Engineering Defense

Empower users with AI-driven warning banners surfaced and updated in real time based on risk.

Insider Risk Protection

Prevent attacks from spreading internally and to your supply chain by applying inspections to internal & outbound email.

DMARC Management

Get full control of who sends emails on your behalf by accelerating & simplifying implementation of the DMARC protocol.

Security Awareness Training

A platform containing training, testing, and risk assessment, allowing you to raise awareness across the organization.

Message Encryption

Let users securely send sensitive information with message encryption that’s easy to use & simple to administer.

Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand to protect staff, customers, and partners by detecting & stopping brand impersonation attacks.

Web Security

Protect your employees from malicious & inappropriate websites with an integrated solution for complete cyber protection.

Data Retention

simplify compliance, reduce the time and cost of e-discovery searches, and ensure data is never lost with Cloud Archiving.

Email Inspection Funnel

Mimecast Email Inspection

Malicious URL Inspection

Real-time, on-click website scanning protects against malicious sites, including delayed exploits


Computer vision artificial intelligence to detect credential phishing sites


Admin-controlled Custom Monitored Domains to prevent attackers from typo-squatting domains they work with


URLs within attachments are scanned at the gateway - those with malicious URLs are stripped from emails

Mimecast URL Protection

Internal Threat Protection

Mimecast Internal Threat Protection

Inspects internally generated emails for malicious attachments, URLs, and leaks of sensitive content


Automated remediation of internal emails or attachments that contain threats or undesirable content


Provided dashboard within the admin console that gives full visibility of email traffic and threats enterprise-wide


Mimecast Cybergraph
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