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Cyber Security Audits



A cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive review and analysis of your or your businesses IT infrastructure.



An audit can be a valuable tool for  businesses that have expanded, implemented various software and security controls but are overwhelmed by the volume of data being processed.​

Data Analysis


An audit evaluates data, system, network, operational, and physical security.​

Center for Internet Security

  • CIS SecureSuite Members benefit from advanced tools and resources that help speed the adoption of security best practices from policy to implementation. ​

  • A CIS SecureSuite Membership for service providers allows organizations with consulting engagements to use the membership resources (including CIS Benchmarks, CIS-CAT Pro, Build Kits, and the CIS Controls) to help audit and secure client systems.

  • This framework exceeds current Canadian and American regulations, and has the objective of securing assets against all threats including but not limited to ransomware, phishing and various social engineering attacks, brute force attacks, and networking attacks.​

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