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A Low Cost Email Solution for Security Minded Customers


94% of cyber attacks begin with an email...

that's why we partnered with Mimecast and AWS to bring affordable, secure email solutions to all sized businesses. Our proprietary technology automates the integration between two great platforms; Mimecast Security Email Gateway and AWS Work Mail. The result is the most secure email system commercially available. SecureMail is what an email service should be - secure, low cost, and easy to use. The only email solution which natively integrates an advanced email security gateway, you can be sure the emails in your inbox are safe, and can say goodbye to phishing attacks and email borne wire-fraud. In addition, SecureMail integrates with all your existing interfaces including Outlook and Active Directory while providing a simple, easy to use admin center. With 50 GB of storage per user, IMAP protocol, and a feature-rich web client SecureMail is the answer to all your email worries.


reduction in phishing attacks

Low Cost

per month per user

Easy to Use

integration with existing user iterface

Email the way it should be


Fully Managed

Eliminate the need for up-front investments to license and provision on-premises email servers. CAS automatically handles all of the patches, back-ups, and upgrades.

Anywhere Access

Access mail from the web, Outlook, iOS and Android. Your users’ mobile devices can automatically connect to SecureMail with no end-user reconfiguration required.

Outlook and IMAP Compatible

native support for Microsoft Outlook clients on both Windows and Mac OS X and all IMAP mail clients, so users can continue to use the email client they are already using.

Native Web Client

A feature-rich web client so that users can access their email and calendars, quickly schedule meetings with co-workers, or search the company address book using their browser.

Unmatched Security

People make mistakes. Trust us, we get it... But so do cyber criminals

That's why 99% of cyber attacks are a result of human error. 

With near universal adoption, emails are the perfect vector for criminals to launch cyber attacks. Email based attacks such as credential harvesting are taking off, in part because they have zero cost associated with launching them, and in part because it's so hard for users to identify them.

Relying on your users to never make a mistake is putting your organization at risk. As the top attack vector, email demand the strongest possible protection. From phishing and ransomware to social engineering, payment fraud, and impersonation, SecureMail blocks the most dangerous attacks, delivering world-class email security in the way that best meets your needs.

of all successful cyber attacks start with an email

of organizations expect an email-borne attack in the coming year

of organizations were targeted by ransomware in the last year

Advanced capabilities and granular controls for a comprehensive email security solution

Word-class efficacy

40K customers, 20 years of experience, 1.3B emails inspected daily


Fast, easy bi-lateral threat sharing with accelerated integrations to SIEM, SOAR, TIP, and more


Advanced AI and Machine Learning, identity and social graphing, models trained on billions of emails

Security that learns

Security  becomes smarter over time to detect sophisticated and continuously evolving threats. 


Customizable policies, dictionaries, and configurations 

Comprehensive platform

Complementary solutions, unified administration, reduced complexity

Easy to Use Admin Portal

Active Directory Integration

You can integrate your existing Microsoft Active Directory with SecureMail using AWS Directory Service AD Connector or run AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise Edition ("Microsoft AD") so you don’t have to manage users in two places and users can continue to use their existing Microsoft Active Directory credentials. Alternatively, you can have SecureMail create and manage a Simple AD directory for you and have users in that directory created when you add them to your Amazon WorkMail organization.

Administrative SDK

SecureMail provides an administrative SDK so you can natively integrate WorkMail with your existing services. The SDK enables programmatic user, email group, and meeting room or equipment resource management. You can also programmatically receive Exchange Web Services (EWS) push notifications. This means your existing IT service management tools, workflows, and third party applications can automate WorkMail migration and management, and respond to events in your mailboxes in real-time.

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