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Looking to launch a Career in Cybersecurity?

Get hands-on experience and learn real life, practical skills with CAS Cyber Security's 12-week Bootcamp 

Jumpstart your career in cybersecurity with our immersive 12-week training experience! This bootcamp is your ticket to conquering the highly sought-after and lucrative realm of offensive cybersecurity. Gain the hands-on experience you need to stand out in the job market with our in-person sessions. Don't just dream about a cybersecurity job – make it a reality!

What's Covered

Cyber Security Fundamentals

  • Basic understanding of the creation and manipulation of networks

  • Cyber Security Theory

Offensive Cyber Security

  • “Red Team” training

  • Penetration Testing

Hands-On Training

  • Real life scenario simulations

  • In-person sessions at CAS Cyber Security Head Office

Career Training

  • Industry specific resume building

  • Interview preparation

Courses will be available on-demand after they are taught. Each student who completed all courses will be provided a Certificate of Completion.


Bootcamp Details - 

  • January 8th - March 29th, 2024

  • 3x a week

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Flexible weekly schedule with recorded sessions available

  • Affordable and flexible payment arrangement available 

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